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We have high standards. The Vayable team personally screens each incoming guide, ensuring that every experience is interesting, authentic, and uniquely valuable.

We have good tools. Vayable provides on-site messaging with guides (even before you've booked), a star-ratings to surface our most popular tours, and a comprehensive guide review system. Before you even request a reservation, you'll have a good idea of what to look forward to.

But you don't have to take our word for it.

Others think it's good, too! Check out some of our outstanding reviews:

"Recently in San Francisco, my daughter used Vayable to come up with that otherwise-unemployed tour guide of the 'tenderloin,' and reports on a highly successful, provocative and instructive view of the kind of life led by our less fortunate fellow citizens." - Arthur Frommer of Frommer's travel guides

“GREAT experience. Homelessness Walking Tour in SF: It was a much needed perspective/appreciation reset.” -Tim Ferriss (Global)

"A true down on the street experience. The food is real and the people are real. Jeff's intimate knowledge of the area and his enthusiasm for the food and the street vendors means you get great food, meet some great people and see a part of New York you probably wouldn't have seen. Do this before Jeff makes it into the Lonely Planet and has to hire a bus!" - Ben G (Australia) on the Queens Midnight Street Food Crawl. Well, a year later he's made it into the Lonely Planet but refuses to ever hire a bus.

"We got VIP treatment everywhere we went, including the opportunity to go barrel tasting in the back of a few different wineries with the winemakers themselves, tasting in a beautiful private room upstairs at one winery, and the privilege of taking home some bottles one winery doesn't even sell to the public. Mike took so much time and care in making sure we had an incredible, memorable day. From the wines we tasted, the beautiful vineyards we visited, the stunning views, amazing drive, and great company (Mike fit right in with us--and we were a tough crowd of ladies)-- this wine tour was the highlight of the weekend." - Jamie (San Francisco) on the Underground Wine Experience

"The indispensable part of this tour was her initiative in looking for the customer's personal interests, which seemed to be skillfully integrated into her usual "non tourist" itinerary; mine happened to be architecture and so Kathryn took the time to research a few places that she had not taken her previous clients; memorable parts of the tour included the markets in brixton and Leake st (graffiti) but the most memorable spot was of course was the site where we both were checking for the 1st time, that being the Buborcin, which was an unforgettable experience in walking through an elevated platform where it was a sublimely quiet hub located in the otherwise busy and noisy center London." - Daniel on Explore London Like a Local

"She taught me about the metro, showed me how to buy tickets, took me to all of her favorite design shops, stores for children (I have a 2 year old), markets, parks, and bakeries (I'm still thinking about the chocolate pistachio escargot roll). I felt like I was hanging with a long lost friend all afternoon who helped me make many purchases, taught me a little etiquette and equipped me with the confidence and a new must see list for the rest of the week. In 4 hours, my whole perception changed and I was ready to conquer the city for the rest of the week alone. I continued through the week to go down the list of restaurants and things she suggested I do and had the most wonderful adventures. I felt as if I was the one 'in the know'. Stumbling across Anne on Vayable was so serendipious and I will remember my trip to Paris and my time with her always." - Ashley on Navigate Paris.

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