Getting vouched is important step of the process to becoming a guide because we take quality and safety very seriously. Simply go to the vouch page and record yourself answering a few questions.
 Before you can finish submitting a listing, you will be sent to our vouch page where you can record yourself in a video. You will be directed to this page where you will record a video interview. Once you have done this and want to create new experiences, you will not have to record yourself again.
 What you will need: 

  • a microphone
  • a webcam
  • to have Flash enabled. Here's a tutorial about how to enable Flash in Internet Explorer.

If you don't have these things, you can ask a friend or use your mobile device to record a video and send it to

Step 1: Press Record and Get Ready!

Step 2: Allow Access your Webcam and Microphone

 Click on the "allow" button to let the recording device access your webcam and microphone.
 Once you allow, there will be a countdown and you can start recording. Relax and be yourself! The only person who will be watching this video is someone from the Vayable community team.
 You have five minutes to answer the questions to the right of the recording screen. Don't worry if you finish earlier than five minutes or don't quite have the time to get to it all!

Step 3: Record and Submit

 Before you submit your video, please click on "Review Your Video" so that you can ensure that the sound and picture show up clearly.
 Next, press "Submit Video," and you're done!
 Just kidding - one more step.

Step 4: Fill in your Contact Details

Sometimes we'll watch the video and not be able to hear you properly. Fill out the form under the recording device so that we can find your listing or contact you if we have any issues understanding what you are saying. Here's another link to it directly.
 You're all done! Sit tight and we'll approve your experience soon! If you run into any hiccups in the process, you can email us at

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