1. Pick a good meeting point: pick a specific, easy-to-find place to meet. Make sure you choose a place that is not too crowded or vague so that no one will be mistaken. For example: “In front of the Sofa Cafe (address: Sultan Ahmet Mh. Mimar Mehmet Aga Cd. 34122 Fatih)” is better than “in front of the Blue Mosque”.

2. Send an email confirmation with the following information:

  • Exact date, time, meeting location and number of people expected
  • What to wear and bring on the experience
  • Confirm your contact information and theirs
  • Describe what you’ll be wearing or anything else that will help travelers identify you (some guides bring a sign with travelers names or wear a Vayable t-shirt or button).

3. Prepare

  • Prepare any supplies, equipment, clothing, maps or anything else you need
  • You may want to bring bottled water or snacks for their travelers
  • Check the weather and if necessary, come up with a contingency plan
  • Check for traffic, street closing or special holiday or weekend hours
  • Review your itinerary and the pacing of your stops and activities
  • Charge your phone, get a good nights sleep and enjoy a healthy meal to ensure the best possible time for you and your travelers!
  • Be sure to have the names and contact information of your travelers so you can more easily find them on the ground.
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