Vayable does offer an (awesome) referral program: invite friends to sign up for Vayable, and they get an automatic $10 credit. Once they book their first tour, you receive a $10 credit of your own.

Some key facts to know:

  • Anybody can do this! If you have a Vayable account, you'll have your own unique referral code. It can be accessed from your profile page.
  • Your friend gets a $10 credit as soon as they sign up. This credit can then be applied toward their first reservation valued at $75 or more. (Maybe you guys could even plan something fun together?)
  • You'll receive your credit once your friend has gone on their tour. Don't worry! You won't miss out. We'll notify you once your credit is ready and available to use. It can be then be applied toward your next reservation valued at $75 or more.

Your credit balance will appear beneath your reservation total at checkout:

For more information, be sure to read our Terms of Use.

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