• Because you're passionate about your hometown or another destination you know well and want to share it with others.
  • To earn money easily by sharing the places, people and experiences you love.
  • To meet awesome people from around the world. Movie stars, authors, professors, and just amazing people in general have taken Vayable tours.
  • To play a first-hand role in expanding the parameters of travel beyond typical tourist sites and overrated activities.
  • To help redirect tourist dollars to the vendors, merchants and communities that need them most.
  • To see parts of the world you could otherwise not afford to see.
  • To make a living discovering new places and people.

Sharing your local stomping grounds is an enjoyable and lucrative way to rediscover the magic of a familiar place. In your free time, you'd be taking these excursions around your neighborhood or destinations you frequent anyway, and this is a way to share that experience with those who are discovering it for the first time.

Who can list an experience on Vayable?

Anyone who has expertise and access to a unique experience. This includes people who are local to the destination and know some aspect of it inside out, people who are familiar and passionate about a destination and want to share it with others, and those who have special skills, interests or contacts in a place and want to share them with visitors or fellow locals.
 You must complete a video or in-person interview for your experience to go live on Vayable.

How to List an Experience

 You can read more about being an Insider and sign up directly here.
 1) Conceptualize an amazing tour or activity idea. You are already an expert in your own town. Think about what you enjoy doing the most or what you know the most about. Some of our most popular tours are related to history, art, food, and the great outdoors (like biking and hiking)
 2) List your experience on Vayable! Simply go to vayable.com/experiences-edit/new and enter the information necessary (location, a short description, and so forth) and don’t forget to add photos of the places on your tour and action shots of yourself if you have them.
 If you need help with pricing, check out this page. You should also fill out your personal profile (about you) so people get a better idea of who you are.
 3) Complete your video interview and make sure you have a great profile picture. We use this video interview to verify your identity and keep our community friendly and safe!

4) Complete your payment details. Please make sure you complete all your payment details in order to publish your experience.

Getting an experience approved
To expedite approval of your experience, please make sure you have completed the following checklist:

  • A clear, full description of the experience
  • a great cover photo and primary photo (bonus points for more photos!)
  • A profile photo that shows your face -- people want to see who they'll be spending their time with and get to know you better
  • A complete bio -- tell us all about you!
  • A profile video interview OF YOU. Generic videos from the internet will not be approved.
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