Vayable recently launched "Friendly Pricing" which means you pick one of four price points for your experience: $25, $50, $100 or $200 per person. We highly encourage you to use this for a number of reasons:
 1. Your experience will rank higher and reach more people
 2. Friendly Priced experiences have a higher booking rate.
 2. Less thinking more doing! Pricing experiences can be a brain drain, this makes it easy.
 3. It makes discovering and booking experiences easier for the travelerFriendly Pricing means you set your experience at
 If you have a flat rate, simply mark the minimum and maximum number as the same (for example: you have a $300 experience that can accommodate up to 6 people: mark $50 per person, Min: 6 people and Max: 6 people.
 If you want to set a custom price, the first thing you should do is take a look around the site and see what others are charging. You can also think about things such as:

  1. Costs of the experience: food, transportation and/or any other extras can be built in to the price!
  2. How much is your time worth?

Some advice: it's always best to start off with an introductory price that is competitive so you can get bookings and reviews and allow you to get a steady stream of customers. Then you will be in the position to raise your price!
 It is completely up to you! You absolutely do not need to pay for any expenses on your tour, just make sure you let your customers know ahead of time to bring money. A few of our guides do choose to pay for extras themselves and make sure to include the costs in their tour price (and of course they let their customers know too!).

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