Vayable encourages Insiders to include two kinds of videos: a vouch video (required) that exists on your user profile page and an experience video (optional) that exists on your listing.

Vouch (Profile) videos

The primary purpose of the vouch video is to protect the trust, safety and quality of our platform with a personal video interview with every insider. Each Insider only needs one vouch video, regardless of how many experience you have listed.

What's the best kind of vouch video?

The best vouch videos are ones where we can clearly see your face and hear you well as you tell us about the following:

  1. Who you are
  2. About your experience(s)
  3. What makes you a (fun!) local expert

How do I make a vouch video?

Vouch videos can be recorded or uploaded directly on your Profile page.

You may also include a link to your video interview if you choose to host it on YouTube or vimeo.

Can I use a promotional video or a video I made as a vouch video?

If you are in the video and provide the above information, then yes by all means! Otherwise, these videos are better suited for your experience, and you should record a quick vouch video to live on your profile for people to get to know you.

Experience Videos

The primary purpose of Experience videos to tell the story and give a taste of the experience you're offering.

What makes the best Experience Videos?

The best videos are of your actual experience, or a part of it, so that people can get a sense of what it will be like. Videos that are related to your city or that show off your work, but are unrelated to your experience, tend to confuse people more than entice them. We discourage you from posting videos that don't directly show you and/or your experience.

How can I make a video?

You don't need to be a professional to have a great video. Simply ask a traveler or a friend to shoot you on your experience, or you can shoot it yourself. Below are some characteristics of great Experience videos:

  • Good lighting
  • Great audio (if you have access to a microphone, use it!)
  • Show real people and real places you visit on your experience
  • Voice-over and/or relevant music and soundbites from people on your experience
  • Editing (most smartphones have editing software, such as iMovie, built-in)
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